Simple rules for happiness

Why We’re Different

Keep it simple - we try to follow the golden rule for programmers in every aspect we do. Remember - everything ingenious is simple but not all simple things are brilliant.

Put people first - computers exist to serve us. We write software for the sake of people, not for the sheer joy of technology.

Be passionate - we don't do what we do just because it helps us to pay our bills. We do what we do because we LOVE it. And it has the nice side-effect of paying the bills as well...

Be optimistic - life is nice. Sun is shining. Love is good. We won't drag you down with jargon rich speeches or pessimistic deadline shifts that will ruin your business. Always look on the bright side of life!

Be open minded - explore! Experiment! Invent! Test the limits! What do all great inventors and inventions have in common: don't stop. There's always something more.

What we do? We...

...take your vision of a business opportunity...
...mix it with the best ideas for implementation...
...stir and shape into a complete web/app solution.

Web/App Development

Any kind of software

Using latest technology, we build modern API based SPAs (single page applications) and PWAs (progressive web apps) that are affordable and multiplatform "native-like" apps.

Web/App UI/UX Design

Plus Art Direction

As we use most modern front-end tech (React/VueJS) we can make any website or application as a piece of art while following all the best UX rules. .

Online/Offline Marketing

Maximum ROI is the goal

What if we organise a party and nobody appears? Same problem is with your web or app. We think about the profitability and sales from the beginning.

Innovation, Quality, Price
(in this order)

We are not just another Company offering you website or eshop but we come up with unique innovative e-solutions that have been never used before and we do deep research among your competitors to make sure you stand far ahead.

Free consultation

Solutions that are...

... delivered before deadlines and on budget ...
... using the full potential of available technologies ...
... to keep you always ahead of competitors!


Kaspar L. Palgi

Developer, Project Manager, Strategist
London<->Estonia (Winter: Gran Canaria)

Skills & Expertise

Business/Marketing Strategy 100%

PHP/HTML5/JS Full-Stact Development 85%

(Internet) Marketing 70%

20+ years of experience in web development, 15+ years in complex software development and project management. Good combination of marketing, strategy, development and management strategies. BA graduated in Software Development.


Martin Sults

Marketing Strategist, London Consultant, PM
London (Winter: Gran Canaria)

Skills & Expertise

Marketing Strategy 100%

Project Management 95%

Front-End Development 70%

London project manager and consultant. 15+ years in the digital marketing industry. Imperial College Business School MSc in Strategic Marketing. Great and understanding and planning UX.


Zeljko Marenovic

Lead Senior Back-End Programmer, Team Leader
Estonia <-> Serbia (Winter: Gran Canaria)

Skills & Expertise

Laravel, PHP 100%

Team Management 95%

DevOps 65%

Born to be a programmer. Always solutions to make complex problems in simple yet effective code to perfectly work. Implements always modern API based Development and makes sure other programmers follow the best practices. Technology enthusiast always learning and teaching others.


Jonathan Crewsswell

Growth Marketing

Skills & Expertise

Martketing strategy, Growth Marketing 100%

Consultation, Training 90%

Project management 70%

Expert in growth marketing, specializing in conversion management. Have uplifted major KPIs by hundreds of percent so far and continuing to drive rapid growth. Primary focuses: making all things data-driven, A/B, multivariate, and other testing paradigms. Building and managing key strategic partnerships.


Slavco Cvetanovski

Lead Fron-End Developer
Macedonia <-> Estonia

Skills & Expertise

VueJS, React, HTML5, CSS3 100%

JavaScript, Java, Spring Boot 95%

PHP, NodeJS, Wordpress 65%

Front-end ninja who's always working with the latest tech. Also, experienced with back-end development. Consulting other front-end developers and dealing with most complex problems, creating amazing single page applications (SPA) and working with progressive web apps (PWA).


Harri Reili

E-commerce, Marketing, Dropshipping

Skills & Expertise

Growth Hack & E-Commerce 100%

E-shop Softwares/Platforms, DropShiping 85%

(Internet) Marketing 70%

Great experience in e-commerce and marketing. Few keywords: eBay, AliExpress, Amazon, Wordpress, WooCommerce, dropshipping, cryptocurrencies, trading, cryptomining, hardware etc. Expert is business growth.


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Important facts

about e-Stonia

e-Stonia is a software, design & marketing studio founded in London. Nowadays we've grown and expanded our services.

Our Creative Portfolio

Amazing Work

eBay Clone

2LE MEDIA produced TV show where there were hidden cameras while somebody was bidding at fake eBay for Pippa Middleton's bikini bottoms. The joke was that the person bidding doesn't know that there are hidden cameras and show organisers are bidding manually price up.

Tesco Groceries app

Search/shop from full range of products, find a delivery slot or arrange to Click & Collect from a store near you. You can also update your order after you’ve checked out to add those last minute essentials.

BeMore Startup

Cool startup to find talented coaches and teachers. We scraped also all the other UK databases and they have manually contacted and checked all of them so the database is surely the best in the UK.


Bigger project done by us and later bought by big corporations. Huge picture database, fast optimized picture search engine, tagging, administrative area, e-shop with paypal'i and VISA merchant accounts.


Website, product catalogie and ERP software integrated.


Advanced hotel management and booking system + the usual that we provide to every customer: content management system and internet marketing including search engine optimization, pay-per-click campaign management, etc.

Most Flexible Pricing Plans

We have in our team all levels of developers, designers and marketers. Cheap juniors who can do simple tasks very well and can be also used when deadline isn't too close and you can afford bit longer delivery times. Mid-level developers with best combination of quality and price. And senior top experts who's hourly rate is higher but who can also take the most complex tasks and who tend to do same task way quicker than mid-level pros. Also, they don't just do what needs to be done but also suggest best approach, think how to do things better and can manage rest of the team.


Great for simple tasks that are well documented and it's 100% clear what must be done. In design - can modify templates done by seniors.

from £8 /hour

  • Fully managed
  • Can use all the tools
  • Super enthusiastic
  • Happy to work super hard


Best mixture of the quality and speed of development or design/marketing. Most of the designers suitable for most of our customers are mid-level.

from £15 /hour

  • Fully managed
  • Proficient on all tools
  • Don't miss deadlines
  • Money back guarantee


Top experts are the ones who tell you what to do and how to do in the best way today's technology can do. Top designers also work as a art directors.

from £20 /hour

  • Team leads
  • Top delivery times
  • Industry experts
  • Money back guarantee

PWA Mobile Apps

You don't need to develop any more expensive native mobile apps for Android and iOS. PWA is here to stay and make it cheap to develop multi-platform mobile apps that are we progressive web apps (PWA) but look and feel exactly as native mobile apps.

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Must have free productivity tools

Here are some tools that are small &lightweight so they won’t slow down your PC, easy to learn, free and after first testing, you won’t understand how could you leave without that before.

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with eStonia

Please, do make an appointment if you want to visit us or want us to visit your office in London, Manchester, Liverpool or Dublin. Click on the left bottom on the red chat icont to spak with local expert! We have partners in most of the UK areas via CrewNew Ltd. There's always up to 1h FREE consultation for new customers!

  • London: East Putney (SW15)
  • Manchester, Liverpool, Dublin: (our CrewNew parner)
  • 0203 98 4949 5
  • 07588 6999 48 (WhatsApp)

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