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Modern web design from £125 to £650

Web design 2.0Design can be a simple HTML/CSS based page and quite cheap with not too many hours of artistic job by web designer, without Flash animations and special effects but it can also be done by creative team and can be tuned until it’s perfect. Better than any competitor’s design, containing advanced Flash animations, latest Ajax technologies etc. Our biggest web design projects are full of multimedia and cost far more than £1000. We do also interactive video CD and DVD business cards, produce transparent web video and email video signatures.

How to choose right web designer?

It's very easy! Just have a look at their web design porfolio and if you like what you see then you have found the right person. In our portfolio we have just a few of our latest work. Please, fill in the form in the top and tell us a few sentences about your business and we'll send some more examples relevant to your business as different types of businesses need different solutions.


How to choose right budget?

Of course the fact is that the more you spend the more hours will be spent on your project by our senior web designer. Please, fill in the contact form iCheap pricesn the top and tell us your approximate budget and we will send you some examples of our work with price examples so you can see what will be the difference if you pay for example £200 or if you pay £800.

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Functionality - web development for better results!

Visitors may be impressed by your stunning design with HTML5, CSS3 and jQuerty effects and attractive animations and videos may create interest so that your customers keep browsing your website or go for a goal. But visitors also want to find useful things - you need a functional website that has powerful back-end and CMS (read more about our content management system). If you sell products or services online then you need flexible and goal orientated e-commerce solution development. You may need different databases, affiliate programmes, registration systems, calendars for bookings, etc.

Why to choose us for e-commerce web development? Facts about e-Stonia...

  • Professional, reliable support remotely online and also on-site in London. You'll never get any support with out of box solutions. We will train you, we will help you, we will suggest you how to take the most out of modern technology.
  • Personalized custom development. We believe each solution should be as unique as the business behind it. This is the start of an ambitious project that will change the way you do business online.
  • Open Source. We only use open source solutions with ability to smoothly integrate third-party solutions later. Linux, PHP5, MySQL and Ajax or MODx framework, Magento e-commerce, Wordpress for blogs. We have also been working with Joomla, Drupal, OScommerce and many other open source solutions but we always suggest best solutions available. We are passionate of new technologies!
  • Full solutions: 1) work out the goal of the solution; 2) develop the plan to achieve it - work out the documentation; 2) programmers develop your web solution; 3) testing and bug fixing; 4) support and training; 5) upgrading and developing new functionalities if needed.
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Make your voice noticed in internet

Search engine marketingSo, now you have great eCommerce solution and you are standing far ahead of your competitors - good! No comes the harder part - you need targeted traffic. Not just random traffic but you need on your web people who are your potential customers - who are already looking for the products or services you are offering. And you need it all with best ROI (return on investment). Relax - we are just internet marketing specialists here in eCommerce Company. We will provide you for Free one hour consultation and best materials to teach you how to get to the top. And together with you (of course you can just relax and stand back if you want and let us do everything) we will do search engine marketing, SEO (Search engine optimisation), PPC (pay-per-click), link exchange, directory placement, viral marketing and campaigns, email marketing and whatever is most cost effective for your business.

What we do? Internet marketing strategies.

what we do? internet marketing strategies The greatest challenge for any small business is finding new customers. Whether a small business is a one-person, home-based operation or a fully developed company with a professional sales force; it constantly needs new prospects, while it retains and expands its existing customer base. So, we work out a strategy to get your potential customers to visit your website.

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Track and analyse all your internet marketing campaigns

Google AnalyticsOpposite to other ways of marketing - you can measure exactly how profitable different campaigns are. You can find out what are the keywords with what people find you, what keywords attract most desirable visitors, what text/picture/multimedia adverts get most responses, what methods bring biggest profit.

In the beginning it's a lot of testing but we spend lot of time analysing results so over the time we will start using only the most cost effective methods and choose most profitable keywords for you. For example when you have e-shop there's possible to measure exactly how many pounds was profit for certain campaign, certain keyword or certain referral site.

Result orientated internet marketing

There's no point throwing money into the wind. You need to analyse stats to make sure you are using right tools. If you do SEO then you want to see slow increase of traffic and rise of Google page rank, when you set up PPC campaign then you want to calculate exact return on every invested penny on every click, etc. Please, contact us and we will set up for you best statistics available on the net - Google Analytics (it's for free) and after a few weeks we can tell you what to do next. Contact us and we will provide you more tools for free to analyse deeper your website's performance and potentials. Of course we need to analyse also your competitors!

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Small things for big business in e-Estonia

UK e-StoniaEstonians are hard working, speak fluent English and have high level of eduction. Government has invested lot in IT for years so now Estonia is World famous e-country. It's good to do business with Estonians - they're straight forward, smart and honest. No jargon - Estonians like concrete decisions and actions.

          Most important!

  • Don't hassle with Indian offshore developers - take the quality and still pay way less than in UK
  • Estonians tell you exactly what's the situation, what must be done and the fare price. No hidden costs or dodgy argueing.
  • Just 2 hours by plane and GMT+2 time
  • Estonia is member of EU/EEC
  • e-Stonia's internet marketing specialists and technical support is based in London


  • Skype comes from Estonia. Now sold to eBay, development still in Estonia
  • Everyone in Estonia has ID card with what they can elect government almost 10 years already.
  • Estonians have paperless government, mobile ID, nation-wide WiFi, mobile parking, e-police, etc.
  • Playtech (World biggest e-casino company) has it's huge development team in Estonia, Nokia moved most of it's testing to Estonia and companies like HP, Coca-Cola, Audi and Shell do their development in Estonia.


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