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Most recent jobs done in MODx content management framework

MODx Reqruitment Job portal with advanced XML import

MODx RevoAll the job listings at are imported to MODx Revolution from external XML feeds. MODx can understand different XML feeds and converts them into needed format in MODx document tree inserting right values in resource template variables (TVs).

Functionality includes:

  • Option to see what adverts are displayed in different pages. See image>>
  • From XML feed automatically will be added and can be updated manually by editing job posts: category of the job, location of the job, "apply now" link, e-mail address where job applications go etc. See image>>
  • Some information is imported from XML file names
  • When in import files there's new job ID then new MODx document will be created. When job ID exists then the data will be updated.
  • All jobs that aren't in XML file any more will be also removed from MODx
  • People can apply for jobs with online form that will be also saved in the database. Click on the image on the right side.
  • Job search and advanced filtering.
  • Automatic job alerts via email.
  • Can register as a job candidate and upload your CV.
  • Mass-mailing newsletter for sending personalised HTML formatted newsletters to all subscribers or to specified group of members directly from MODx.
  • All website content is regularly exported via XML feed to another website.

MODx/Kohana property booking system

MODx manager viewTo see the functionality please click here; at the bottom right choose arrival date and click "check dates"; if the date is not available then it should offer you another date so click "view this offer"; click "book now"

Functionality includes:

  • For each property main admin or property owner can update... (click on the image on the right to see MODx manager view)
    • ...dates available and once booked those dates won't be available any more (also, ability to make property not available for 24 hours by "hold" button).
    • ...capacaty - how many people can stay there and maximum amount of adults. Eg. if 10 can be total and 7 can be adults then at booking form page there will be at "Adults" drop-down menu numbers 1-7 and if you choose for example from there 5 then at "Children" drop-down menu there will be generated with JavaScript numbers 1-5.
    • ...price per day and how many percentage deposit must be paid. Also, can define that if arrival date is less than X amount of days then there won't be any deposit and full amount must be paid immediatelly.
    • ...can edit (from template variable) the confirmation email body.
    • ...all kind of texts about property and images of the property (in template variables). Lot of information including the main image of the property and the property owner's photo will be used in PDF that will be sent to customer.
  • If property isn't available then other properties that are available will be suggested.
  • Property owners can edit only their own property and have some limitations also while editing their own property.
  • Three days after departure date customer will get (with cron job) email with a link to feedback survey page to fill in information like what he/she liked or disliked.
  • Once form is filled the property owner will get email (that he has entered while editing his property) and also website admin will get email notofication.

MODx form processing

MODx module developmentWe developed 13 forms like this one with list of functionality:

  • We created custom snippet that saves filled in data in extra MySQL table.
  • We created custom module to /manager area that...
    • lists all the filled in forms': "form name", "user name who filled in the form" and "date"
    • when any entry clicked then all the filled in form data will be seen including link to uploaded file(s) if user uploaded a file(s) with form
    • ability to delete any entry
    • ability to exort all entries to CSV and download
  • We created custom snippet that allows to send separate email to user who filled in the form and separate email template is used for email that goes to site administrator.
  • We implemented JavaScript datepicker that customer later asked to remove and therefore can't be seen at live site

MODx frontend document creator

Click here to see it live. When this form is filled in then in MODx manager under certain resource there will be created a document and the values filled in here will be stored in template variables. The document will be unpublished and website administrator will get email to moderate created document.

There's also upload functionality and once moderator had ticked "publish" checkbox and the document goes live there will be a link to download uploaded documents.

We're integrating right now very feature rich event calendar that we developed in Zend framework (last year we switched to Yii framework) and that is at the moment integrated via iFrame.

MODx shopping cart

Click here to see (design by another web agency.


  • JavaScript fly-to-basket 
  • Product attributes can change the price. Eg. red boat can be more expensive than white boat.
  • PayPal integration
  • Order confirmation sent to customer's & admin's email + stored in MySQL table and can be seen via module. It is also possible to set the status of the product via module to "pending", "paiment received", "shipped" or "returned"

We build mostly e-commerce solutions on Magento but simple e-shops like this can be done way faster on MODx. At the moment we are working on one e-shop that uses MODx Revolution's VisionCart.

Please, fill in the contact form in header image and tell us about your business and probably we can send you some examples of work in your area of business!

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