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Magento e-commerce solution case study

Advanced B2B ordering system for leadig brands' wholesaler and marketer in Baltic states

It's a ordering system for leading brands' wholesaler and marketer's foodservice department. In this ordering system supermarkets, petrol stations, restorans etc. place big orders and need to see in front page X amount of latest items that they have ordered and must be able easily re-order them. Ordering system can't be seen if you're not a customer.Magento B2B ordering web


  • All orders are exported automatically to CSV in the format that Microsoft Dynamics (AXAPTA) can import. Depending on the product code (SKU) there are separate CSV files that are sent automatically via FTP to different server.
  • Products are imported automatically in every hour from external server.
  • If you click on the image on the right hand then you see that all the products are in the long list. There's no product page abd image of the product is imported as a URL to image file outside Magento.
  • At the very top you see products that are already added to this order and when you add new product then it will go into the "shopping cart" with JavaScript without loading new page.
  • Products can be filtered by subcategories, brand and type and also searched by EAN code.
  • Customers can see the amount of money spent per month per product during last 12 months (image). Also there's exactly the same page where instead of money spent per product per month will be amount of that product ordered. 
  • Customers can also click on the month and see all the orders made during that month and re-order them.
  • Administrator can add sales managers with contact details from admin panel with short code (eg. 1AD) and when new customers are imported from MS Dynamics then in import CSV file there's just the sales manager code. But customer will see at "My account" page the sales manager's full details.



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