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Affordable (due to low development time), easy to use, SEO friendly and most powerful CMS

CMS (content management system) enables you to edit any area of your website easily like editing a Word document. That's the whole idea of CMS and that's what you already probably knew but why our CMS is the best?

Easy and comfortable

MODx web developmentThat's the most important aspect for the end user and so it's also most important for us! In our CMS (build on MODx Revolution PHP framework) there's no unneccessary button or link to not confuse you and all needed is as logically and easily structured as possible. Actually in MODx it's so easy to re-structure everything that if you think it could be even easier for you in any way then let the project manager know and it will be sorted asap.

See at the right hand example document tree of one of our customers. All you need to edit is nicely in one document tree.

The bonus of easiness in restructuring means also that every CMS that we provide is quite personal considering how that specific website could be managed as easily as possible. And still development time is way smaller than any other open source CMS (Typo3, Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla etc.) so the cost is lower.

Banners, menus, news, galleries or whatever parts of website can be edited, removed or new elements added so easily that you'll love it. If you find it easy to make changes and you love it then then you don't push forward making changes and keep the website all the time improving and up to date. Google loves websites that are updated frequently so you'll get higher position in search engines.

By the way you can just browse your website and when you're logged in then you'll see at the top of the page manager toolbar to edit the website's content straight from frontend. 

Endless possibilities in functionality

As MODx isn't just a out of shelf CMS but also PHP framework then there's no need for keep searching for ready made plugins or extensions as everything can be written with little amount of working hours exactly as you need. Of course often the ready made plugins (like gallery, SEO plugins, commenting, forum, blog, etc.) are handy and good to just once-click install but often bespoke solutions are needed and with other ready made open source CMS systems you'll be spending money for lots of working hours to develop them.

MODx Revolution programmingLet's take an example of simple website where you can let your imagination fly and take a full control of everything:

  • At the top you want for example to be banner advertisment that is taken randomly between 4 banners and 2nd banner should be more often. But at any time you may want to put there customer survey. Well, just a few clicks:)
  • At the right hand you may want submenu that is generated in different pages from different sources but at some pages you may want there latest blog posts from external blog via RSS so you can just change it with ease. Or at some pages there should be random X amount of pictures from all of your galleries or maybe a video?
  • For any area of the webpage you can use any module from your website or just manually enter text or pictures.
  • You can define different areas weather they are same on all pages, same on some sections of pages (for example on all pages under "services") or can be edited separately for each page. It can be even so that it's same on all peages by default but you can set manually something different there on some pages.
  • What else moduls you may want on some areas:
    • Top selling products, featured products or whatever products from your e-shop (yes, you can have a powerful e-commerce solutions on top of MODx)
    • X amount of short titles, short description and maybe also small thumbnail image from any area of the website - for example under "products", "events", "news", "blog", "services", "testimonials", latest forum posts etc. Just define from where, what amount and what should be the sort order - alphabetical, choose manually, publishin date or whatever - it's your freedom:)
    • Price query form, contact form or ordering form that takes immediatelly for example to PayPal
    • Live chat customer support integration
    • Newsletter signup form (yes, you can send out nicely designed HTML email newsletters to people who have signed up)
    • (Evetnts) calendar
    • Facebook fanpage or Twitter latest feed or latest posts from any external news feed. RSS, XML, etc. Actually you can import anything from external websites - products, news or any listings.
    • Etc. etc.

Quite advanced web applications can be developed with MODx. Advanced booking systems, e-commerce solutions, job portals, etc. Please, see some of our recent advanced web development jobs done in MODx.

MODx is SEO CMSSEO search engine friendly

Right, it's the most SEO friendly CMS available - just type to Google "SEO CMS" and you'll see that MODx comes up as the first result. And it's probably not needed to mention how important it's nowadays to be in high position in search engines. It means thousands of new customers every month for free! Of course MODx doesn't do it all and lot of internet marketing jobs must be done to get top positions in Google like linkbuilding, SEO content optimisation, social media marketing etc. Read more about internet marketing services ->

It's fast

Of course all multifunctional CMS systems make page load slower than static HTML websites but due to advanced caching system MODx pages load faster than other using CMS systems. If you also use our SEO and speed optimised hosting then we'll guarantee fastest page load possible. We provide hosting through our UK partner NuBlue as they're prooven just to be most reliable and high quality hosting providers.

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Finally, if you by some reason need your website to be developed in any other CMS then we're also experienced in Typo3, Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla. But if you haven't chosen the platform yet then contact us and we'll do you a live presentation of MODx via remote desktop so we'll see same screen while talking.

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