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The the science of persuasion research teaches you to write texts to your website

Sometimes it's good first write/draw on paper

Following the previous blog post by Runo that explained the importance of foreseeing the scares of your customer and about writing about your unique selling proposal at your website then below some more tips how to do good copywriting at your website according to the science of persuasion. The suggestions below are collected from most prominent books in this field including Mr. Cialdini’s books that all marketers who want to be the best have followed.

  • If possible try to give something away for free or teach something valuable on your website before you start selling! Priciple of reciprocity – people feel that they need to give something back if they have got something. This tactic works great if you don’t sell low-budget products/services.
  • Consistency – try to sell something not so big first and just mention that you offer also big deals. Once the customer has bought something that maybe doesn’t bring big profits for you he feels like your customer and will most likely buy more from you if he/she had good experience.
  • People like real people – write the texts on your website like a friend of the website visitor. Be personal, tell about yourself, write blog posts, add photos of your personal, write also somewhere what your employees do at their free time, etc. Personal touch is important! Statistics says that people buy less from websites that use stock photos instead real photos of their company, products etc.
  • Write why your product/service is best! Well – the first one probably is nothing new for you;)
  • Call for action. In many places ask website visitor to buy or contact you and write exact steps that must be taken.
  • Write: “I understand your needs” because you know your customers’ needs.
  • Make limited time and/or quantity offers at prominante place in your website. Tactic of “scarcity”.
  • Add as much bonus products or services as possible to really convice the website visitor to buy.
  • Explain all the ways why your product/service will benefit your customer. Try always to think what your website visitor needs not what you need!
  • Present the price in the way that it looks like very good deal.
  • (Money-back) guarantee is a must!
  • Give many proofs like examples of work, (video) testimonials by experts (nobody cares if someone Bob says “they’re best”), charts and numbers how many people already have bought from you etc. Demonstrate your authority!

I would also like to share one great video by Simon Sinek I found today: How great leaders inspire action

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