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Viurtual meetings with free screen sharing via Join.me

When it comes to discussing web design or web development functionality, the main reason why it’s good to meet is because all participants can see the same screen. We can show to each other what we are talking about. Look at different web designs, showcase functionality and discuss everything what we see. But this all can be done via virtual meetings as well!

We have used for many years TeamViewer to share the screen and Skype to do the conference calls. It just works perfect! Our team is often all around the World and also our customers are not only from London but from US, other EU countries and basically all over the World. So meeting in office is complicated but even in London – why to spend an hour travelling one way in tubes, trains and buses and make the whole development process more expensive (time is money) if we can arrange a meeting twice per day if needed?

TimeViewer is great but it became paid (around £400) and we were about to buy it already but then we found JoinMe that is completely free to use the main functionality and that’s you actually need! You just click “Share your screen” and get a tiny URL that you can send to other participants who can then see your screen. And that’s it! Enjoy!

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