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Why it’s better to do advanced web programming in Yii (= Yes It Is) framework compared to something else?

I have written why it’s always good idea to develop web on open source platforms like MODx, WordPress, Magento and I have written why MODx is better content management framework compared to others but today I want to explain why sometimes things should be written from scratch rather than using ready-made CMS systems. When you [...]

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Why it’s better to develop web in open source (MODx, Magento, WordPress etc.)?

Simple – if you order from X web development company or even worse outsource your CMS and shopping cart for example from freelancer in India who will use his Z content management system then what will happen if that X web design company or freelances one day disappears? Unfortunately that happens to really often. Now [...]

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Why MODx is best content management system?

There are thousands of open source different content management systems around the web, I have used more than ten different CMS systems mainly Drupal, WordPress (great for blogging but can be also used for CMS) and Joomla but sice I found MODx two years ago I never use any other CMS if customer doesn’t want [...]

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