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Correct UI/UX user interface/user experience development in HTML5, CSS and jQuery

I love beautiful and full of art design. I love working with designer and customer pitching ideas about whole concept and different elements in design to make it a piece of art, yet user friendly and goal orientated. As I’m programmer, I also love to come up with innovative solutions in terms of programming the [...]

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MODx Revolution is here and MODx native shopping cart VisionCart comming soon

MODx Revolution 2.0.2 with some bug fixes is out already for a while and it’s really great. It takes time to learn as it’s quite different but it’s worth the time. Must move on and Evolution must become history. What is even greater news for many who have been thinking that MODx is great but [...]

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Importance of detailed written planning of web development projects.

Detailed planning is most important. Every singe functionality that you want to see in website should be defined beforehand as the cost of developing it is cheapest before development starts and the price increases when development has begun as it was not planned by programmers when they decided how to build database, what frameworks / [...]

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