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Mobile adverts & mobile website

Do you already run mobile adverts? It’s not yet too expensive as not everyone is pushing it hard yet but everybody use it already!

What to do? First of all create a mobile website – basically just a¬†lightweight¬†version of the website with narrow width where mobile devices will be redirected. I have noticed really many businesses who really don’t need it create mobile apps. That’s not needed. My corner pizza restaurant advertises to download their mobile app for Android and iPhone and basically you just install another app in your device and all it gives you is just the basic information about the menu and the location. Well, I can see their menu also from their website – why should I install another app in my device?

Anyway, let’s get back to the point – basically what you should do is to run still not inexpensive pay-per-click ads for mobile users. AdWords and also Facebook and still really cheap Bing network! To it now and you’ll see quite quick how good it works! Contact us if you want to get free consultation for our new customers!

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