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(website) marketing messages & digital web agency vs traditional advertising agency

imagesAll the modern SEO and web 3.0 marketing stuff is the future and old traditional agencies must become digital new media agencies (or they’ll die) but in the middle of this all technological buzz don’t forget the content! Content is still the king! Think about the questions and fears that your customer might have before making the purchase when you write your content!

What I mostly see in this market today is that from one side there are digital (web) agencies that promote from marketing side SEO, social media and other internet marketing methods to get more and more visitors to your website and from other hand traditional advertising companies that are thinking how to tune your marketing message so that it will work. Both have their pros and cons.

Modern web agencies that are the future and killing more-and-more the old-fashioned traditional web agencies. More and more highly talented people join digital agencies and “web” isn’t any more fr bunch of geeks but everybody know that it’s most essential and cost-effective marketing channel nowadays.

Although more and more talented marketing people including graphic designers and copywriters join these days digital agencies but still most of the web agencies doesn’t yet take too seriously the content of marketing message. Also customers who come to us don’t expect us to start spending lot of hours on the content from the point of view how to make the marketing message more attractive. People expect us to brief the design, do the programming and web development. Finally of course they ask how much it will cost now to do the SEO so that they’ll get best rankings in Google.

Good traditional advertising agencies from other hand do one thing perfectly that modern web agencies often doesn’t pay too much attention – work hard on the marketing texts (good designers hang around both – “old” and “new”). It’s a super necessary part of the job and modern web agencies here tend often to just measure how heavily the content is filled with keywords that potential customers may be using in search engines and not spending too much time on thinking how to convince that visitor that finally arrived to website.

So few tips this time not about how to get more visitors but how to deliver your (internet) marketing message so that maximum amount of your website’s visitors will go to your website’s goal (contact form, “buy now” button, price calculator, booking form or whatever it is in your website):

1. Most probably you have a (advertising) message that describes (and tries to sell) your product/service. Yes, of course you have to describe what you offer but that’s not enough.

The best message creates a conversation in it’s reader’s mind – it answers to the questions that your potential customer may have in it’s mind. What wonders your customer? What problems your product/service can solve?

Let’s take an example. You’re a building company. What you do? You have some money in your pocket and buy nice website design, order content management system, log into it and start writing: “painting, plumbing, decorating, electricity erc.” Everybody does that and adding here “trusted provider” or “high quality” wont help much.

A little better way would be: “Cowboys ripped your neighbour and you’re afraid to call unknown building company? You can trust Bob but he’s old and not really experienced to do complicated tasks? How to find a company that won’t charge the earth and still can be trusted? Call our talented and friendly project manager Jack and he’ll come and make a reasonable price offer and we’ll write a clear transparent contract if you’re still in doubt after meeting Jack! We never push to sell anything and if you’re not happy with our quality you won’t pay!”

We’ll I just wrote that without analysing it too long and it’s just an non existing example company but can you see the difference? Calm down your customer’s fears, be firendly, be different, be honest, be reasonably priced (don’t look like cheap and then try to rip off to live).

2. Unique selling proposal. How your product is different from most of your competitors? How you do it (bit) differently, (bit) better? It can’t be that you do exactly the same way like any other provider. Even selling roses on the street can be done differently (better) than anyone else.

3. Most important messages as shortly as possible to the front page. Within first seconds visitor will decide if he’ll stay at your website so you must answer a) what is it – what can be done here; b) why are you different if you have competitors; c) what do I get from this website – if you didn’t convince the visitor with a and b then try to say with c at least that he’ll find useful/interesting/entertaining content here.

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