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Internet marketing TODO list to follow

SEO TODOThere are so many time consuming things you should do to improve your SEO that it’s a good idea to have a list to follow and then start from the beginning. A lot can be written about each task and many SEO tasks could be added but with this post my goal is to provide a general picture. I GUARANTEE that if you do all these tasks during one year (even if you’re not good at all in most tasks) then you’ll get brilliant results in Google!!! And you’re not cheating in any way.

Content marketing (remember – content is the King!)

  • Open a blog for your business to give away free valuable knowledge (write posts regularly like twice per week or once per month)
  • Write also about others to build relationships with them
  • Write an e-book
  • Add Facebook “like” button and maybe other social media sharing options
  • Submit your content to social hubs
  • Bookmark your content in social bookmarking websites like Delicious and Stumbleupon
  • Create an infographic
  • Set up an editorial calendar

Conversion optimisation (it’s not only about the traffic you get – it’s also about how many of the visitors convert into customers):

  • Do A/B testing for landing pages with Google’s Website Optimizer tool
  • Integrate a free (with ads) or let your developer to create own feedback widget and live chat for user insight
  • Create CTA (call-to-action) with single purpose for every page
  • Put all your pages into a list that is sorted by conversion scores
  • Segment traffic as well as you can
  • Do five second test on your landing page (eg. fivesecondtest.com)

Organic search results (SEO / SEM)

  • Keyword research – define and analyse your business’ core organic keywords
  • Architect your site for search engines (directory and file structure, robots.txt, java-script, secure area usage, server-side includes, etc.) Here you probably need a SEO experienced web developer’s help most.
  • Lot of one-way quality linkbuilding

PPC (pay-per-click)

  • Start with signing up a Google AdWords account
  • Join us at Facebook and share with friends to get worth of £60 AdWords vouchers and free service to set it all up
  • Send traffic to landing pages and create just one landing page per ad group
  • Improve message match to get high quality score
  • Improve the CPC (cost per click) to keep your costs down. Remove expensive keywords and leave cheaper ones.
  • Buy some help from PPC experts like us as it’s just a few hours you need to hire us and then you’ll set up!
  • Try some other PPC campaigns like LinkedIN, Facebook, etc.

Social media marketing

  • Sign up at LinkedIN and start networking there
  • Create a viral social media contest page like this
  • Sign up at Twitter and build a following there
  • Leave Twitter open in live tabs so people see you as online
  • Create your Facebook fan page and seed some Facebook fans till you have 25 fans then create nice URL
  • Time your Tweets, blog posts and Facebook fan page posts
  • Connect your Facebook fan page and your blog
  • Have something to contribute/say: Curator or Creator
  • Claim your brand name

Email marketing

  • Choose an online e-mail provider and pay monthly or ask your web developer to set up e-mail marketing platform
  • Ask your web designer to design nice branded e-mail template
  • Start building your e-mail list
  • Segment your list
  • Drip campaigns for acquisition & education
  • A/B test your emails

Lead generation

  • Use Feedburner for your blog to capture and track your RSS readers
  • Gather emails for a product launch
  • Give something away for free to acquire customer data
  • Answer questions in Quora, LinkedIN etc.

Analyse (last but not least):

  • Sign up to Google Analytics (GA)
  • Set up conversion goals and funnels in GA
  • Annotate important events in GA
  • Create custom dashboard reports
  • Find out which areas of your site are under-performing
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