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Importance of detailed written planning of web development projects.

Web development error fixing cost vs timeDetailed planning is most important. Every singe functionality that you want to see in website should be defined beforehand as the cost of developing it is cheapest before development starts and the price increases when development has begun as it was not planned by programmers when they decided how to build database, what frameworks / ready scripts to use, what technologies to use etc. Once the development has finished the price increases even more as time passes programmers forget the exact structure of the code as they start dealing with other projects.

Risks to fail

Web functionality development risksThere are always risks that project fails in certain amount. In worst scenario it’s not possible to deliver but in most cases deliverable doesn’t satisfy 100%. Most of the risks are eliminated by proper planning. If everything that is required is written down before coding starts then most of the risks are eliminated.

After planning comes communication. As programmers tend to speak more tech savvy language and customer often isn’t able to define properly his/her needs many requirements are not understood or are understood wrong.

If everything is planned properly and made properly clear between each other then there’s left quite a small amount of risk for process of programming and common sense.

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