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What is Google+ and why it will be very important in web marketing.

Google+ social media marketing

Google+ tries to combine best features of number one social media gigants Twitter & Facebook and combines it all with GMail. It’s also connected with Google search, it’s search partners and AdWords. Basically Google+ puts all together.

In terms of web marketing, when someone will click on Google+ button on your website or next to your website in Google search results then…

  1. His friends will get the message that the person suggests your website (services/products that you offer).
  2. It will extend to Facebook and Twitter as Google+ will invite them to join.
  3. Every time someone clicks Google+ button it will increase your page rank. Google+ click will increase your ranking more than link to your website. Linkbuilding will become less important.
  4. When his friends search anything from Google then next to your website or AdWords ad will be text “John Smith, Carol Perrot, …., …. and Tim Smith (all names of friends who have clicked Google+ button) suggess this site to you”

And it’s all free internet marketing for you! Google+ is right now only available via invitations as they’re still testing it but it will be soon available for all and be prepared to start using it. Start thinking how to make people to click your Google+ buttons. One small tip: increase all your prices let’s say 5% and add marketing message everywhere: “Click Google+ button at our website and get 5% discount!”

We say right now “To get 5% discount you just need to go to our Facebook fan page facebook.com/seo.web.dev and then click ”like” button. Finally click “share” and write nice testimonial about e-Stonia.” but we’ll change that message once Google+ will be launched.

Do you think that maybe Google+ will fail and Facebook and Twitter will remain most importand in social media marketing? Well…. Google is already owning Android that is the king of mobile phones future and already now huge amount of visitors on most websites are with mobile devices. Google Chrome owns ~23% of browser market. Google owns business applications and servers. Google owns Google Search and about 80% all web searches are made through Google. And Google owns all the tools competitors want or are failing to acquire.

Believe me – Google+ will be super important for you in the internet marketing World! Contact me and I’ll tell you more about Google+ marketing.

  • aving your own website is a good marketing strategy. It may increase your sale since it is one form of exposing your products to the public.

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