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E-mail marketing is internet marketing strategy with best ROI

e-mail marketing todayWell worked out e-mail marketing strategy has better return on investment (ROI) than any other way of  (internet) marketing.  It’s simple: every penny or hour (as e-mail marketing can cost you only your time if you do it yourself) spent into e-mail marketing will most likely bring you more profit than any other way of marketing.

So, how to do successful e-mail marketing?

  1. Use right tools and follow the rules
  2. Build quality list
  3. Send goal orientated e-mail (newsletter)

Use the right tools and don’t brake the rules. Use software that…

  • Provides proper delivery reports showing you how many received the e-mal, how many actually opened the mail, how many clicked on the link in the e-mail and took the action you wanted them to take (click-through rates – CTR) and also bounce handling (both hard and soft bounces). How many unsubscribed (one-click unsubscribe link must be in every e-mail) and how many reported the e-mail as spam.
  • Provides personalised e-mails like Dear name, birthday greetings, location mentioned, sent out at the time when registered and of course sends information that the person is most interested. You can also send differently targeted e-mails to different sex or marrital status (title) or different age group (DOB).
  • Provides template based e-mails so you can send out nicely designed HTML newsletters.
  • And follow the rules: include your company name and address in every e-mail.
  • Use private IP! If you use ESP (e-mail service provider) who’s many customers share same IP address then you may get blocked by ISPs for mistakes just because of other ESP’s customers. Reputable ESPs work on removing spammers but it’s still better to run your own software from separate IP.

How to build a quality list!

Length of your e-mail list is important of course but the QUALITY of your list is way more important. My different customers have different sizes of lists. One of my customer has a list of over 10.000 and they make less profit through it than many of my customers that have less than 500 in their list!

Never buy lists, “borrow” lists or find e-mail addresses from business directories and yellow pages. Always let people sign up themselves because then you follow the rules and also build quality list – only people actually interested in what you are offering sign up.

To get people to sign up you need to offer them some bonus for signing up. You can offer free PDF, web based or phone training (half of it can be promoting your products/services), huge discount or whatever you can offer for free. It can be an offer to win something if five friends’ e-mails are entered. Be creative – think about what you would like to get for free if you were a potential customer of your business.

Of course you can also have “sign up for our (why useful?) newsletter” checkbox at your contact form, registration form, check-out process, etc. but also have the advert offering something when joining the list on every page of your website, in your e-mail signature, in your forum’s signature, etc. It’s also a good idea to write articles and post them into free sites and have an advert offering something when joined somewhere in your articles.

I for example offer free 1h on-site consultation in London or Skype/phone consultation over the internet anywhere in the world.

Send goal orientated newsletters

It’s easy to send out an e-mail but getting readers attention isn’t. Successful e-mail has to break through the clutter and the average consumer’s inbox is one of the most cluttered place. You have to give the reason to pay attention and it starts from the subject. First of all the e-mail must be opened so it is important to design ‘From:’ and ‘Subject:’ lines that get noticed. Subject line has to highlight the immediate benefit and avoid subject lines that look like spam.

Secondly, make sure your e-mail content is valuable (text) to your audience + interesting and nice (graphics). Here again you can offer free give-aways or valuable information that makes sense to stay in the list. From other hand you need to increase sales so you can give discount vouchers or extend urgent offers. Of course doing it all together you can also use space for promoting something and write effective call for action.

E-mail also has to have an inherent value. You can give useful tips and advice, provide instructions and directions, include important facts and research or add entertaining content or even viral video and “send to friend” form.

Well, start building your list slowly or with huge effort – you’ll thank yourself after a few years!

  • I like your post. Good stuff. Keep them coming :)…

  • Main thing is to not harm yourself. Even if very few take your newsletter as spam… it’s tooo bad;)

  • I stopped my company adverts coming on Yellow Pages some years ago. Since then, I’ve done no marketing at all. I think some more personal way of marketing would be a smart choice, indeed. In my branch of corporate videos, probably youtube is a solution, too.

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