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5 questions before you contact your web designer

Creative design

Creative design

There are many web design questionnaires and some are good for some type of web design customers, some for other type of websites that need to be designed and developed. We have also used different web design questionnaires but here I try to create most general one that could suit to most of companies who are planning new website. If you order web design and development from e-Stonia we’ll ask you personalised questions but it’s not bad idea to think about these questions, too.

1. What for you need website? What you want that your website’s visitor will do at your website? What is the goal of your website?

Are you selling product(s) and the goal is that visitor will add products to “my products” or “shopping cart” and then will enter contact details and will click “buy now” or “ask for a price offer”? Website’s goal can also be to make customer to call you, use live chat to ask information, fill in questionnaire, use price calculator or fill in contact form / request callback form.

Website can also have many goals – side goals can be to make customer to join your Facebook fan page, subscribe your news feed, join your newsletter or share your content with friends. Goal can be hidden, too – your website may look like sharing free value and does not sell anything more than advertising space but actually that’s just your landing page from where you try to direct visitor to you actual sales webpage.

2. Who is your website’s visitor?

Web design for young people should look different than for older people. Also, what’s your visitor’s nationality, sex, income and education? Are they employers, entrepreneurs or corporate decision makers? What are their interests?

3. Have a look at your 2-3 biggest competitors websites

Tell your web designer what you like about them and what you don’t like. What’s missing and what’s not needed. At one moment you need to draw your website’s layout and structure so it’s very helpful to look at competitors’ websites’ design and layout. It’s useful to send to your web designer also any other websites’ links that you like with some comments what exactly you like there – usage of a photography/illustrations, color scheme, layout, icons, vintage feel, etc.

4. What will be the functionality of the website?

Content management system is a must these days so no need to mention that:) But – what forms there will be? Any animations? Front page AJAX banner fading, scrolling, sliding, rotating? Interactive Flash solutions (eg. at e-Stonia’s front page)? Web video somewhere?

5. What price range you are looking to spend?

Not only on web design but on the whole web development project. It’s important to know already for a web designer as if the budget allows then designer can draw more attractive solutions that need more investment in later stages. For example there’s no point by designer to draw elements that in his/her mind should start animating if there’s no budget for making it animate in later stages. Also it’s important to know how many hours are paid so how much time can be spent on each element on the website.

Please, contact us and we’ll find you the best solution considering your needs and budget. For new customers first hour of consultation is free;)

  • nice post and really nice information:-)

  • Definetly there’s way more questions but I have to agree – not bad starting point:P

  • Yeah, Sedi – many more questions but it’s good to give this link to new customer and after getting answers to these questions it’s already personal what to ask next:)

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