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Web, Mobile & Desktop

e-Stonia is a web, mobile & desktop apps development company based in London. We do bespoke programming on various platforms quickly and at affordable prices. Developing advanced  database driven (web) solutions is our main speciality.

Internet Marketing

e-Stonia can increase your website traffic and sales by designing search engine optimised (SEO) websites. We code and design UX keeping in mind the main goal (sell more, get more signups, etc. etc.). We can help also with all kind of internet marketing campaigns.

Innovative UI/UX web designers

e-Stonia will come up with striking, eye catching and tasteful designs that suite your companies profile. Web design may include animations combined with transparent web video and AJAX modern technology for instant animated loading of elements. More »

Developing web solutions to grow your online profits

Mouse-over leaves of the e-plant above to see the steps that must be taken to start making profit using internet: 1) you need professional looking web design, to make you look better than competitors; eCommerce Web Development Graph2) your programmer must do great job on functionality development to make your website profit orientated, easy to use, dynamic, feature rich, etc. 3) You need serious job to be done on internet marketing (smallest leave but most important because you don't want to make a party where nobody comes) to drive targeted traffic to your website. 4) After all you need to analyse everything to tune and constantly increase your online earnings.

New customer? Contact us - we won't charge you!

Get in touch with us, meet us in London, talk to us via phone, Skype or via online chat - we don't bite and we don't charge - one hour free consultation on internet marketing and how to make more online business to your unique business model. If you see how much we can help you during a single hour then you may get addicted. e-Stonia may cause a huge increase in your online earnings! Contact e-Stonia now »

What solutions will be most profitable to your business?

We learn your business idea/model, products/services and competitors in depth to work out best functionality, UI/UX design and internet marketing strategy for your unique business.

We combine best programmers with art, photo/video, animations & design

Besides experinced web designers we have a great animator, London based video/photo studio and creative team to use all new media possibilities to present you better than competitors!

Programming, developing, testing.

e-Stonians are known technology geeks. We love innovative yet simple solutions. Especially we love projects that put us on trial. We are often asked: "can this be coded?" the answer is always the same: "YES, everything can be programmed - just let's see how to do it best!"

We’re beautiful, fully functional & open - now all the guests please!

What if we organise a party and nobody appears? Same problem is with website, e-shop, app. We offer measured service and we guarantee 100% money back on all our packages if we don’t increase your traffic at least 2 times but that’s the least we can do.

What is profitable? What is not?

We analyse in depth every step that is taken - how profitable it was. Where do visitors who actually purchase something come from, who they are etc.

What do we do? We...

  • ...take your vision of a business opportunity...
  • ...mix it with the best ideas for implementation...
  • ...stir and shape into a complete web solution.

Web solutions that are...

  • ... delivered before deadlines and on budget ...
  • ... using the full potential of available technologies ...
  • ... to keep you always ahead of competitors!

Innovation, Quality, Price!
(In this order)

We are not just another e-Commerce Company offering you website or e-shop to sell your products/services but we come up with unique innovative e-solutions that have been never used before. We do deep research among your competitors to make sure you stand far ahead.

Simple rules for happiness

Why choose e-Stonia? Why is e-Stonia better than others ? It's the attitude!

  • Keep it simple - we try to follow the golden rule for programmers in every aspect we do. Remember - everything ingenious is simple but not all simple things are brilliant.Web development for happiness
  • Put people first - computers exist to serve us. We write software for the sake of people, not for the sheer joy of technology.
  • Be passionate - we don't do what we do just because it helps us to pay our bills. We do what we do because we LOVE it. And it has the nice side-effect of paying the bills as well...
  • Be optimistic - life is nice. Sun is shining. Love is good. We won't drag you down with jargon rich speeches or pessimistic deadline shifts that will ruin your business. Always look on the bright side of life!
  • Be open minded - explore! Experiment! Invent! Test the limits! What do all great inventors and inventions have in common: don't stop. There's always something more.

e-Stonia web design / development & video production portfolio.

These are just a few web projects - to see e-Stonia's latest jobs similar to your project, please fill in the contact form on top of the page and we will send you some examples of work that are similar to your business with different price group examples. The more advanced solution is the more it costs so it's good to see what you get for your money. Some examples of our design jobs are also under MODx portfolio. Please, see also our video production and animations portfolio.

Ecommerce portfolio exampleAdvanced Magento B2B e-commerce ordering system - we provided full e-commerce service starting with fresh and alternatively unique layout and design as our customer needed easy and fast ordering system for their customers who are big supermarkets, gas stations, hotels and other foodservice customers. Behind it we built bespoke e-commerce backend.

Beechcroft RetreatsBeechcroftretreats.com - we provided fresh web 2.0 design, added content management system, built customer database. We created promotional video and added it to front page to give visitors immediate visual experience of our customer. Like almost every our customer also this example required our internet marketing services to increase the traffic and generate more sales online.

Royality Free PhotosGlowimages.com & medioimages.com - two bigger projects done by us and later bought by big corporations. Huge picture database, fast optimized picture search engine, tagging, administrative area, e-shop with paypal'i and VISA merchant accounts.

America InnAmericinn.com - advanced hotel management and booking system + the usual that we provide to every customer: content management system and internet marketing including search engine optimization, pay-per-click campaign management, etc.

Event CalendarMitteformaalne - EU funded unformal training courses' promoting organisation. Functionality includes: advanced training events calendar where training organisations and trainers can register and add events. Also, ability to create registration forms for events so that people can register for events and then event creators can see who has registered and contact who's not approved.

Special offer for new customers - first 2hrs FREE!

First 2 hours of internet marketing services or web development project description development or web design layout planning or whatever other services you need are first 2 hours for free! Because we know that if you see the quality of our sevices you'll become long term satisfied customer!

London Office
GCM Holding OU
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